Durham Plantation Window Shutters

Traditional & Contemporary Window Shutters in Durham

Durham is one of the most picturesque cities in the UK. More and more Durham home and business owners are choosing The Beautiful Shutter Company for robust and efficient shutters that they can rely on all year long. Our shutters are made from many different materials and you can get in touch with us at any time if you’re looking for advice on which products to opt for. Our shutters can blend in with your existing environment perfectly, the most popular choice is for  our bay windows shutters being ideal for the classic townhouses of Durham.Wooden ShuttersTalk to us today if you’re interested in window shutters in Durham. Our shutters won’t compromise the character of your home or business premises and can help you to save money on fuel bills too, trapping heat in during the winter – and of course keeping you cool in the summer. You can adjust the shutters easily if you need more light or privacy, so why head anywhere else if you’re interested in plantation shutters in Durham?

A large number of our customers choose us after receiving referrals from friends and family members. What’s more is that our prices won’t break the bank despite the exceptional quality on offer. With so many colours, finishes, styles and materials to choose from, you’re bound to find something that suits. Our practical and stylish shutters have added value to hundreds of homes and are designed to last for years. They look great not only from the inside of your home but the outside too. Plantation Shutters are available in a variety of shapes & styles;

Shutter StyleFull Height Plantation Shutters, cover the full height of your window. Full height plantation shutters are our best selling Shutters. With a full height Shutter, your window is completely covered, top to bottom. They are a great option. The transformation is stunning and can really change the look of any home from inside and outside.

Tier on Tier Plantation Shutters, gives you independent top and bottom panels which can be opened individually. With tier on tier Plantation Shutters the shutter panels covering your window are split into a top tier and a bottom tier. You can create the perfect balance of light and privacy in your room. Tier on tier plantation shutters are a great choice for sash windows and bay windows.

Café Style Plantation Shutters, are half height Shutters, which leave the top of your windows un-shuttered. Usually this style of shutter stop in line with a natural break in the window at half or three quarter’s height. Creating a classic and chic feel. They let plenty of light into your room, being able to tilt the louvers for extra privacy and controlled light.

Special Shaped Plantation Shutters, These type of shutters are custom made special shapes that are designed to fit perfectly in any window. A perfect and beautiful solution for shaped windows and openings.

Solid Style Plantation Shutters, These shutters have been used in the UK for over 200 years and provide a more traditional finish to window coverings. The added benefits to this type of plantation shutter is that as the panels are solid and give a near blackout to the window. Also they provide high levels of noise reduction.

Sliding Tracked Plantation Shutters, This option is for larger openings such as doors and very wide windows. As hinges will only carry a certain amount of weight. The shutters are placed on a track system which glides effortlessly from side to side.

We have a beautiful selection of options for your Plantation Shutters for you to see…