Make a Feature of Your Window with Plantation Shutters

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Making a feature window with shutters…

Aside from being beautiful a feature window can be a focal point that lights up a room, so it’s important to make the most of framing it.

Heavy curtains can frame windows well and give a grand or cosy look to a room, however, there are a number of down sides to consider:

  • Curtains can detract from beautiful windows particularly when they are a unique shape;
  • Good quality curtains are often thick and heavy, and may not make the best use of space especially when windows have potential as a seat or a desk space;
  • Closing curtains for privacy means blocking out all of the natural light, and natural light is a source of healthy living;
  • Curtains may not be practical for properties with very small or whole walls of windows;
  • Curtains can discolour over time in the sun and collect dust, unfortunately they are expensive to keep clean.

Consider Plantation shutters which are custom made to fit each of your windows. How your shutters are designed will depend on your needs, wants and the style of your windows. Our range of styles will complement existing decorations in any home, meaning that all windows can have an elegant, well-proportioned finish.

Style Tip: When choosing colours and finishes for your windows, look at your view for inspiration. An urban loft that looks onto a city skyline may not need a lot of colour to compliment the view and an ocean view pairs perfectly with crisp white. Plantation shutters can bring your room alive using your views as inspiration.

Aside from the aesthetics of the windows themselves, here are a number of reasons plantation shutters can benefit you and your house: (don’t love this sentence!)

Privacy & natural light: Bathrooms and bedrooms are a prime example of rooms where privacy is priority but our customers love to have natural light pouring in as well. Plantation shutters obscure the view in but still allow natural light to enter, designed to your specifications.

Awkward Windows: Particularly in Contemporary houses with very small or very large windows or whole glass walls, it can be hard to make the most of them. Plantation shutters which come in full length or half height are custom made for each window. In large windows this frames beautifully, whilst retaining the heat.

Decorating Tip: Environmental, sustainable design ideas stay very popular and trendy. Environmentally friendly building materials, organic design and large interior windows beautifully incorporate indoor-outdoor aspects into modern architectural designs and produce pleasant and healthy environment. Big windows create no boundaries interior design, connecting rooms with the nature.

Cleaning: Plantation shutters are easy to clean without having to take them down or pay expensive cleaning bills. They don’t trap dust like curtains do, particularly when a property is stood empty.

Sale ready tip: Natural colours, paired with big windows and high ceilings in sitting rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms or kitchens create neutral, easy to maintain, beautiful interiors and timeless rooms.

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