Sliding Track Shutters

The Beautiful Shutter company provide a variety of Track solutions perfect for large windows and spaces including Bi-Folding swimming pools, room dividers, windows, doors, wardrobes and more that any other window option simply wouldn’t work with, still giving the same level of security, privacy & light control.


Track shutters come in two track systems, Bi-Fold and By-Pass, providing options for all window configurations. Bi-Folding Plantation Shutters simply concertina as you draw the panels along the tracks as demonstrated by our technical director Andy. Your engineer will fit these without eating into valuable floor space, this will depend on the panel width chosen and the design you choose.

Our By-Pass Shutters also operate on a track, generally situated to the top of the frame and on the bottom a small unobtrusive nylon guide is placed to keep both panels in line, enabling a perfect shutter panel slide.

Bi-Fold and Bi-Pass Track Plantation Shutters 

Our Bi-Fold Shutters use hinges to fold together. These look fantastic opened and closed, access can be chosen to the left or right of the opening to suit your needs. The width of each panel, when folded back the Shutters will almost appear like an open door. The other option is a floating system of this style of Track Shutters.

Sliding Shutters

These provide the same effect but you are not restricted as to where your shutters can fold into position along the track, as the end panels are not hinged to the side of the frame. Bi-Pass shutters offer the same appeal as their Bi-Fold counterparts but instead of folding in a concertina fashion they actually are not hinged together but simply glide in front or behind each other, providing the required access. These are great for partitions in rooms and also for wardrobes.