White Plantation Shutters The Classic Choice

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Plantation Shutters with Classic Design & Superb Functionality

The ideal window dressing is both aesthetically pleasing and practical – Plantation Shutters will tick both boxes. Plantation shutters are famous for their appealing style as well as their effective ability to provide outstanding protection and privacy.

What are Plantation Shutters?

If someone was to say the word ‘shutters’, plantation shutters are most likely the window blinds you would picture. They are constructed from rows of wooden slats with a single column that runs down the centre. This column acts as a handle to adjust the slats’ position – making increasing privacy, or increasing the amount of light let through, effortless.

Which are the most popular Plantation Shutters?

White Full Height Plantation Shutters are undoubtedly the choice of fashion forward & neutral home owners…. but why? They offer versatility and style to match practically any interior without getting old.

Why are Plantation Shutters suitable?

The most common reason behind having plantation shutters fitted is their elegant and timeless image. They look great in every room, but they have more benefits than meets the eye:

Insulation – Plantation shutters block out the Sun’s powerful rays in the summer and prevent heat escaping in the winter. Modern double glazed windows are quite effective, but plantation shutters add an extra layer of insulation, aiding in reducing heating costs and making your home more energy efficient.

Control – Even in this day and age, few window blinds offer the same degree of control offered in tried and tested plantation shutters. The multiple rows of slats are easily adjusted to allow maximum light into the room or block out all light for maximum privacy.

Versatility – How many other window blinds are there that can be fully customised so that they are incorporated into any room’s surroundings? Only plantation shutters can be painted to match a room exactly. Coupled with their fantastic insulation properties and endless slat control, look no further for the ideal window covering.

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